Trophic-Products-Notre-MissionOUR MISSION
Trophic’s mission is, and always has been, to provide Canadians with premium-quality, natural nutritional supplements, as close to nature as possible, at an affordable price.

We are proud to be a 100% Canadian company. We are one of Canada’s largest health supplement manufacturers.


In 1967, Sloan Alma “Al” Smith founded Trophic in Toronto as “Meta-Trophic Formulas.” For three years, Al saw his company gain an increasing foothold in the Canadian health food market. Then in 1970, while vacationing with his family in the Okanagan, he realized that Penticton was where his company could flourish and grow.


Sloan Alma (Al) Smith



Al Smith, the founder of Trophic Canada Ltd, became the first National President of what was, in 1966, called the Canadian Health Food Dealers Association.

He organized write-in campaigns to the MPs, advocating that citizens have a right of choice, and he travelled clear across the country to promote them.

He knew how to hold his own when Government types wanted to make short shrift with those strange people who claimed that vitamins, minerals and herbs were things that the population needed to stay healthy.

Al wrote the first manual for the Association and kept it updated for a number of years. He also published several booklets and pamphlets on Health Foods and the Health Food Movement.

Al studied Naturopathy with the Sussex College of Technology and received his doctorate in April of 1971.

Al Smith can truly be considered one of the Association’s leaders who, through his devotion and accomplishments, contributed greatly to the survival of this Association into maturity. He had been made a Lifetime Honorary President in 1971.

At the occasion of the CHFA’s 40th Anniversary, Sloan Alma Smith was inducted into the CHFA Hall of Fame at Expo West 2004.

Trophic-Products-Fabrication-de-produitsHOW WE MAKE TROPHIC PRODUCTS
Our manufacturing procedures meet or exceed the “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) guidelines set out in the Natural Health Products Directorate by Health Canada.

Purity and quality is foremost in the mind of every Trophic employee. Our manufacturing plant houses a fully equipped laboratory for on-site analysis of our supplements.

Trophic-Products-Purete-et-qualiteALL PURE. ALL QUALITY
Expert in researching and sourcing, we buy the best possible raw materials from the most reputable suppliers worldwide. Once the raw materials arrive at our warehouse, they are quarantined. Only after rigorous sampling and testing by our Quality Control chemists are the materials released.

During manufacturing, stringent testing continues from the mixing stage through to the finished product: purity, quality, potency stability, size, weight, and color are all checked. Even after packaging is complete, more quality control tests are performed before products are released.

Trophic-Products-Au-service-de-votre-santeBECAUSE IT’S YOUR HEALTH
For over 40 years, Trophic has stayed true to Al’s mission. And we plan to keep serving Canadians with the very best in health supplements, long into the future.