Can I buy your products directly from Trophic?
No. Trophic Canada is a wholesaler that sells its products exclusively to health stores, pharmacies and doctor’s offices in Canada. For a list of stores that carry our products in your area please click on Store locator.

Can your products be purchased online?
Yes. A wide range of our products can be purchased online. Links to the online stores can be found by clicking on Store locator.

Can I buy your products outside of Canada?
Trophic Canada distributes its products exclusively to health stores, specialized pharmacies and healthcare practitioner’s offices in Canada. However, some of the online stores also ship orders internationally.

I am looking for a particular product. Can you tell me which of the stores in my area carries it?
No, unfortunately our current system does not allow for a search of a particular product within a specific area.

Is Trophic Canada GMP compliant?
Yes. Trophic Canada has obtained its licence as a GMP manufacturer.

Do you test your products for heavy metals?
All of our raw materials are tested in our own lab for heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. The test results must meet USP standards before the raw material is used in manufacturing of our products.