Large Wood Aroma Diffuser



  • Diffuses using a cold process, no heat added to the essential oils
  • Essential oil molecules are never broken down, they remain pure and unadulterated
  • Ultrasonic vibrations of 1000 per second separate the water and essential oil causing vaporization of water with the essential oil attached
  • The small fan in the diffuser ionizes the air, killing bacteria and purifying, 100 times more effectively than salt crystal lamps
  • Scents last longer yet only 4-5 drops are required per hour of use
  • Safe to use, no heat, automatic shut off with timer
  • Slightly humidifies the air while diffusing essential oils
  • Low maintenance, simply wipe with paper towel when switching essential oils .
  • No costly filters to replace or maintain

Product code: 514173 (Light Wood)

Streaming (2 hours)
Diameter: 7 inches x 9 inches
Heigth: 6 1/2 inches